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Victory Links Hole #14

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Par 4

This hole immediately screams character, a great, cleverly-designed golf hole. Every golf course rewards local knowledge, and hole #14 is a prime example. You have to play it to understand it. Both bunkers present an optical illusion. From the tee, the fairway bunker on the left looks green side but it’s really a hundred yards away. And the real green side bunker looks pinned right at the front edge of the green; in reality, there’s room between the sand and the edge of the green. Another hidden feature: the fairway flows to the right around the fairway bunker. It takes courage — and precision — but golfers should aim barely left of the distinctive lone tree on the right. That’s where the best landing location is.

Tee Box Distances

Blue 344 yds
White 301 yds
Silver 251 yds
Red 212 yds
Yellow 197 yds
Green 141 yds

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