VLGC Hole #2

Hole #2
Par 5 Blue-503 yds, White-445, Silver-397, Red-330, Yellow-314, Green-197

Hole #2

If the first hole lets you know you’re in for a fight the second hole gives you an opening to punch back with a birdie or an easy par. The big hitters will go over the trees on the left while trying to carry past the grass bunkers. While those who can work the ball may choose to go around. DO NOT GO IN THE GRASS BUNKERS. At all costs avoid the grass bunkers. Any place off the tee is better than being in the grass bunkers. No seriously folks, avoid the grass bunkers, even if you do manage to find your ball in the allotted three minutes, there’s no guarantee you’re getting out of there. Many of the senior tour qualifiers, including local legend Don Berry, have laid up with hybrid on this hole behind the trees to set up an easy wedge from the front left where you can take advantage of an uphill pitch to a welcoming pin. Laying back deep enough to spin your wedge allows for an aggressive approach when the pin is tucked to the right. This is a green you can easily find yourself chipping the ball back onto if you're too aggressive from above the hole.

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