VLGC Hole #4

Hole #4
Par 3 Blue-201 yds, White-174, Silver-149, Red-123, Yellow-110, Green-73

Hole #4

Rumor has it the swamp guarding the fourth green is hiding buried treasure (which is true if you play Pro v1’s, Pro v1x’s, TP 5’s, and Chrome Softs), and it is the curses made by the players hitting those shots that haunt this hole for every following player. Many believe this is the reason the swamp gas always seems to slow your ball from flying its considerable distance. The right side of the tee gives you a stellar angle, but be careful, as the tee can slope severely away from a righthanded golfer and may make the approach even more difficult. Many a well-struck tee shot here will be foozled at the last minute trying to clear the swamp as the golfer looks hopefully towards the green only to hear the sick, murky plop of a golf ball squashing into the mud before succumbing to the bubbly abyss. It doesn’t look like it, but off the tee, there is plenty of room on either side of the Pin. Taking more club than you need here is often the correct play, especially whichever way the wind is blowing (which is easy to underestimate while standing on the tee box). Avoid the right side of the tee from the whites as it slopes severely away from a right-handed player and can make a difficult shot even more treacherous.

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