VLGC Hole #5

Hole #5
Par 5 Blue-579 yds, White-540, Silver-497, Red-446, Yellow-433, Green-124

Hole #5

One of the more demanding par fives in the metro area, hole number five keeps the pressure turned up high, before the turn for the front side finish. The first choice you have to make is whether you want to challenge the fairway bunker or try to carry it to the hill. If you want bragging rights start the ball out high and right and draw it back to the cart path running between holes five and six. On the right day, with the right wind, you can find your ball in the fairway four hundred yards off the tee but remember the right side is fraught with peril and oncoming golfers form the sixth hole. Guarding the entire left side, a barely three-yard buffer of green grass separates the golfer from a lost ball and yet another marsh that lines the entire left side of the hole to the front bunker that swallows up way more than its fair share of shots. There is an opening on the right of the green for the faint-hearted and a challenging two tiered green awaits once the green is reached.

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