VLGC Hole #8

Hole #8
Par 3 Blue-160, White-148, Silver-125, Red-104, Yellow-89, Green-74

Hole #8

There are plenty of times when hole eight can play similar yardage to hole seven, but there is no bail-out short right on this hole. A ridge runs down the middle of the green from front to back, funneling shots to the left or right, depending on where your ball lands on the ridge. This green is the opposite of seven. Instead of long and narrow, it is wide and skinny, tied for the most narrow green with fourteen. When the pin is in the front left, you have a postage stamp landing area. When sitting right, it plays a club longer. The green is deep on the left and thin on the right. And every once in a while, to spice things up, it may tuck right behind the bunker on the ridgeline itself. Good luck with that one.

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